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LG Truck Body is the San Diego area's leading complete fabrication and truck repair company. We've provided high-quality custom truck bodies and since 1997.
1080x360 Truck
Trailer Fabrication
Located in El cajon, CA
Since 1997, LG Truck Body has served the trucking industry in Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Escondido, and many other cities throughout the San Diego area. For all commercial truck owners, we provide the industry's highest quality trailer fabrication and truck repairs.
Additionally, if you need any truck accessories, LG Truck Body offers customers durable and reasonably priced products. We offer everything you need for your truck! Call us today at (619) 772-6787 for your truck fabrication and truck repair needs.
Truck Repair
Specializing in commercial trucks of all makes and models
Our certified truck technicians have many years of experience to handle any sort of truck repairs. To ensure your commercial trucks are always working properly, we offer fleet maintenance services. LG Truck Body offers individualized fabrication, truck repair, truck improvements, and more! Regardless of your request, we will meet and exceed your expectations.
We will use our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to identify specifically what is going on with your commercial truck. Our service center is equipped with innovative tools and a team of certified technicians with up-to-date training, so we can get you back on the road again as quickly as possible.
Truck Accessories
If your commercial truck or fleet of trucks is not meeting all of your heavy-duty requirements, then stop by LG Truck Body! We offer high-quality truck accessories to meet or even exceed your expectations. We can supply toolboxes, truck bed modifications, gas-powered air compressors, truck-mounted cranes, life gates, outriggers, and various other equipment. Regardless of what type of modifications you may need, LG Truck Body can serve you!
Air Compressor
Truck Crane